Israeli Salinas Caminos
Cebu Technological University- San Francisco Campus


Physical fitness enthusiasts have to provide every student the opportunity to be more engaged in any learning activities. Proper and effective performance of fitness exercises in appropriate resources and equipment for active learning and health promotion is recommended.  Based on the needs of students and competencies in Physical education, physical fitness exercises were designed. Some of them are the curl-ups, pulling down with weights, agility drills, punching, biceps curling and other variations. This also developed localized alternative resources like the wooden inclined bench, wooden lats pull-down, stone weights, bamboo agility ladder bamboo gripper, sawdust and sand punching bag, and dumbbells which are all made from the local materials available, such as; cut woods, log, sand (bas), bamboo sticks, bamboo slots (lipak), bamboo poles, empty sack, rope, sawdust (ginabas), empty bottles, plywood cuttings, banana barks (bani sa saging), abacca rope, tin cans, mats (banig), empty gallon, used maong pants, and empty sacks of flour. During the validation process, a group of students actually performed the physical fitness exercises in the alternative resources. It was found out that the fitness exercises have captured the needs of the physical education students for physical development. The localized alternative resources are breakthrough to carry out the competencies in Physical Education 1 for active learning engagement. These are good alternatives in carrying out the performance of physical education exercises.

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